Helping Hands in the Garden supports cancer patients during their treatment with the care of their gardens. Through educational training and enrichment programs, we are promoting the therapeutic benefits of gardening to the participant and community.

Developed by a survivor who knows the many therapeutic benefits of gardening, this organization, organized for charitable and educational purposes, was created with love and care of the community in mind. Your donations will support the efforts of Helping Hands in the Garden.

For example, your generous donation can provide the following:

  • $25 Hand Pruners
  • $50 Annuals and potting soil for containers for one (1) client
  • $100 Ten (10) Volunteer t-shirts
  • $250 Mulch, potting soil, and annuals for one (1) client
  • $500 Supply materials for one (1) average Helping Hands in the Garden client…
    includes: mulch, top soil, annuals, potting soil, t-shirts for volunteers, and
  • $750 Mulch for four (4) clients
  • $1,000 Supply materials for two (2) average Helping Hands in the Garden clients…

Interested in sending in a gift? You can send checks payable to: Helping Hands in the Garden

Mail to:
Helping Hands in the Garden
PO Box 485
New Albany, OH 43054